The National:

TORY MP Ross Thomson has released a video saying that criticism over the lack of time to debate the Brexit power grab is "fake news".

As MPs gathered in the Commons for a crucial vote yesterday, just 15 minutes were left to discuss Lords amendments to Clause 15 – the power grab clause.

It was filibustered by Tory minister David Lidington, with no Scottish MPs given time to speak.

And, as SNP MPs including Hannah Bardell and Kirsty Blackman pointed out, the lack of electronic voting meant most of the day was wasted queuing.

But Ross was having none of it. "Ample time" was given provided, he assures us in the video, trying to blame the SNP and Labour instead (well, he's half right).

Here's the video, if you'd like a lesson on Tory hypocrisy in its rawest form.

"Powers will return from Brussels straight to the Scottish Parliament," he says, doubting the power grab.

That'd be why every Scottish party except the Tories voted to refuse consent to the EU Withdrawal Bill, then?

Ruth Davidson's Tory MPs claimed they'd stand up for Scotland at Westminster. This is what they're doing instead.