The National:

IT'S so satisfying when the mask slips and Westminster reveals its true colours.

In May, Ruth Davidson made the case for independence ... and now Tory MP Nadine Dorries has done similar.

Ian Blackford was expelled from Prime Minister's Questions by the speaker, John Bercow. SNP MPs followed him out.

Blackford was raising attention to the way Scotland has been silenced in the debate of a power grab on Holyrood.

WATCH: Speaker John Bercow says "sit down young man" to SNP MP

Just 15 minutes were given to discussion of the Lords amendments on Clause 15, with no Scottish MP given a chance to speak.

It was a blatant reminder of how little Scotland's voice is valued at Westminster – a suggestion usually vehemently denied by Unionists.

But Dorries gave the game away today.

As she condemned the walk-out, she said: "Their frustration at having zero power or impact is beginning to show."

Can you imagine? The third largest party at Westminster being frustrated at having "zero power or impact"? How very dare they.

The Tory MP for Mid Bedfordshire has accidentally hit the nail on the head – and more and more Scots are realising it.

There's only one way we can make sure our voice is heard.

Westminster's actions over the past few days have focused attention on the democratic outrage we're suffering ... it's going to be harder and harder for Tories to keep the facade up.