The National:

AS the SNP protested in the House of Commons today, at Prime Minister's Questions, ultimately walking out, the contempt shown for Scotland was clear.

And Speaker John Bercow wasn't free of that either.

WATCH: This is the moment all SNP MPs walk out of Prime Minister's Questions​

SNP MP David Linden, who represents Glasgow East, was one of those outraged at the way Scotland had been sidelined in the debate of a power grab on Holyrood.

Blackford called for a vote on the House sitting in private, and Bercow's refusal to hold it caused uproar.

And this clip shows how the Speaker treats a 28-year-old Member of Parliament trying to defend an issue as important as the devolution settlement itself.

"Sit down young man." Bercow is speaking like an angry parent in what is a crucial Prime Minister's Questions moment.

It's very telling ... but, unfortunately, it isn't surprising.