A MENTAL health charity has slammed the Tory MP who told a Scottish MP to commit "suicide" during yesterday's Brexit Bill debate.

During the debate SNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford asked: "Mr Speaker, what options are available to us in this house to ensure that the Government understands real concern among people in Scotland at this unprecedented power grab, and how can we make sure that our voices are heard?"

In response, an MP can be heard shouting "suicide" back at Robertson.

The response drew intense critisicm online.

The Mental Health Foundation have now stated that that "we shouldn't tolerate" such behaviour in the workplace.

They stated: “Suicide is a serious matter. According to the most recent figures almost 6000 people took their own lives across the UK in one year. It is regrettable that, on the same day that suicide prevention was being discussed in the Scottish Parliament, an MP would apparently use suicide as a slur towards their colleagues. Language is important and we shouldn’t tolerate this behaviour in any workplace, let alone an elected parliament.

“Organisations across the country are working tirelessly to better the country’s mental health, including a range of suicide prevention programmes. Suicide is never the answer, and no society should tolerate the desperation that would lead a person to take their own life. For this reason we urge all politicians to refrain from using language that promotes suicidal thinking. We need to remember that language is important and we urge all elected representatives to support the local and national suicide prevention work that is happening right across the country.”

Multiple sources from inside the chamber claimed that Ian Liddell-Grainger was responsible for the outburst.

Speaker of the House John Bercow claims that he did not hear the slur, but that regardless it was "almost certainly not disorderly".

An apology has yet to be issued.