The National:

IT'S not going to make up for the trampling of democracy that took place in the EU Withdrawal Bill debate yesterday ... but Scotland will at least have some voice at Prime Minister's Questions.

Five SNP MPs are up to ask questions to Prime Minister Theresa May, plus Westminster leader Ian Blackford.

They'll have a few interesting questions to ask, coming the day after Lords amendments ripping powers from Holyrood were passed in the Commons...

As well as Blackford, the SNP MPs listed are:

  • Brendan O'Hara (Argyll and Bute)
  • Pete Wishart (Perth and North Perthshire)
  • Chris Law (Dundee West)
  • Angela Crawley (Lanark and Hamilton East)
  • Alison Thewliss (Glasgow Central)

We suspect the other MPs with a question today will be slightly less likely to ask about the power grab.

But, for the record, they are:

  • Gareth Thomas (Labour, Harrow West)
  • Sandy Martin (Labour, Ipswich)
  • Mr Mark Harper (Conservatives, Forest of Dean)
  • Julie Cooper (Labour, Burnley)
  • Richard Drax (Conservatives, South Dorset)
  • David Drew (Labour, Stroud)
  • Jo Stevens (Labour, Cardiff Central)
  • Luke Hall (Conservatives, Thornbury and Yate)
  • Jeff Smith (Labour, Manchester Withington)
  • Anna McMorrin (Labour, Cardiff North)

Keep an eye out on our website for a live blog of Prime Minister's Questions.