The National:

IT'S one of the stranger reasons to abstain on a vote, I'll give Jo Swinson that.

During yesterday's vital Brexit debate on protecting powers devolved to the Scottish Parliament, Lib Dem MP Jo Swinson abstained when it came to crunch time.

However, her reason why left a number of Twitter users scratching their heads.

When asked why she chose to abstain, Swinson responded: "Didn't want to vote for it, as Scot Parl didn't want it. But voting against would have meant denying Welsh Assembly what they did want."

Swinson, whose East Dunbartonshire constituency voted 71.4 per cent to remain in the EU, seems to have prioritised the Welsh parliament over her own constituents which is... just odd.

To reiterate: Jo Swinson abstained on a vote to stop Westminster stripping back powers from the Scottish Parliament... because she didn't want to upset the Welsh Parliament... who would not be affected by this decision at all.

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