Following the votes for a Westminster power grab in the House of Commons, there is to be a pro-devolution demonstration at the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh tomorrow.

The organisers of the successful Hands Off Our Parliament (HOOP) event in March are organising an emergency 'flash' demo similar to the original HOOP protest, though obviously it will not be as well organised as the original event which attracted thousands.

That being said, the organisers are confident that public indignation over the power grab will see a good turnout to let the Unionists in the Scottish Parliament know that there is a groundswell of anger at their activities.

It is being timed for 11am to 1pm at Holyrood tomorrow Thursday June 14, during First Ministers' Questions and already some 400 people have indicated they are either definitely going or are interested in attending.

At the same time, social media users are being asked to register their protest against the power grab by using #dissolvetheunion which was trending on Twitter this morning in the top ten of UK trends.

Check the HOOP sites on Facebook and Twitter for the details.

The National will publish more information on our website as we get it and will preview the event in the paper tomorrow.