The National:

Yesterday, in the House of Commons, debate over the fate of Scotland's Parliament post-Brexit was given just fifteen minutes of time.

Not a single Scottish MP was given time to speak. In fact, the entire debate was filled by Tory Cabinet Secretary David Lidington.

Labour abstained on the vote, and it passed.

Westminster will now push forward with a Brexit plan that strips powers away from Scotland, against the will of Scotland's democratically elected parliament.

This has never happened before. It is one of the most significant events in the history of devolution in Scotland and the UK.

So naturally, the Scottish Sun has splashed the story of a man who bought a photo of the Forth Rail Bridge on the front of their paper.

The National:

When we wonder why some people are critically under-informed on what is happening in their country, there are worse places to point the finger than the failings of our press.

There is a wee mention of the vote in the small side panel. However the decision to tear across Scotland's devolution settlement has been reduced, in the words of the Sun, to a mere "snubbing".

The Scottish Daily Mail has ignored the vote altogether, choosing instead to fan the flames of Islamophobia.

The National:

They have also chosen to publish a reminder to all women that, should you ever find yourself in the spotlight, there will always be a bottom-feeder somewhere looking to try shame you.

The Daily Record, despite claiming to be "Scotland's Champion" seems to have overlooked the importance of yesterday's vote entirely.

The National:

Is the architect of the infamous Vow feeling a little sheepish in the face of the sheer contempt afforded our parliament yesterday; a contempt deep enough that one Tory MP suggested "suicide" was an option for SNP MPs?

The Times of Scotland have at least mentioned the vote on their front cover, even if it was relegated to second place.

The National:

They managed to commit one entire sentence to the fact that Westminster's power grab was passed "without the consesnt of the Scottish Parliament".

In contrast, the Scottish Daily Express seems positively joyous at yesterday's events.

The National:

So who got it right? Of all of our print media, who recognised the importance of those fifteen minutes in the Commons yesterday?

Let's start with The Herald.

The National:

They've led with the story, reflecting the utter contempt that May's Government showed in the UK Parliament yesterday.

The i has also chosen to lead with it...

The National: has the Scotsman. Though I would argue, as with the the other papers here, that the real story is not that the SNP are angry.

It isn't even the threat to withdraw from negotiations.

The National:

The story is, quite simply, that the vote in the Commons yesterday has fundamentally changed our relationship with devolution.

Westminster have taken an irreversible step down a path they may regret starting on.

The National:

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