COUNCILLORS will vote on whether to call for the resignation of a colleague kicked out of the Tories over his BNP past.

Another motion calls for the Tory group leader to be replaced as convener of the local authority’s Audit and Scrutiny Panel over her “inability to scrutinise her own party members”.

Stephen Goldsack was elected to North Lanarkshire Council as a Conservative last year, but was expelled from the party last month after The National exposed his previous links with the far-right organisation.

Goldsack, who has not spoken publicly about the matter, is now sitting as an independent. However, his future is on the agenda at a special meeting of the council on Monday, when councillors will be asked to vote on a motion pressing him to resign immediately.

There are just two items are on the agenda, with the second putting more pressure on Tory leader Meghan Gallacher.

The Motherwell West councillor defended Goldsack from prejudice claims before his expulsion by senior party figures in Edinburgh.

The first motion says: “This council condemns all forms of discrimination and believes that all elected members have a duty to speak out against racism and sectarianism; therefore, given comments allegedly made by Councillor Goldsack at a recent planning meeting and his previous involvement with the far-right BNP, calls on him to resign from North Lanarkshire Council immediately.”

The second motion states: “This council believes that, given her inability to scrutinise her own party members and her indifference to serious allegations of racism by one of her members, Councillor Meghan Gallacher should not continue as convener of the Audit and Scrutiny Panel and should be replaced at the next meeting of the council.”

The National contacted Goldsack and Gallacher for comment yesterday. The SNP, whose members proposed the motion, declined to comment.

The special session comes just three days before the next full council meeting, when cameras will be introduced to record and stream proceedings for the first time.

It is understood those proposing the motions – SNP group leader David Stocks and party colleagues Allan Stubbs, Danish Ashraf and Fiona Fotheringham – had sought to hold the votes the day the cameras arrive.

Images of Goldsack with a 2011 BNP manifesto and web posts identifying him as that party’s “Scottish security adviser” came to light after The National revealed he had been referred to a watchdog over comments made about a mosque planning application. The Commissioner for Ethical Standards in Public Life in Scotland was asked to invest-igate after Goldsack allegedly said “we can’t give more access to these people” and said “if it was Church of Scotland, it would be OK.”

Goldsack denies any prejudice and Labour councillor Henry Curran and independent Alan Beveridge said they did not hear the alleged remarks.

Gallacher initially rejected any accusations of Islamophobia against Goldsack, stating she had investigated and claiming opponents were trying to ruin his reputation.

However, when the BNP material emerged, the Muslim Council of Scotland accused the party of having a “deep problem” with racism and Islamophobia, something denied by Tory Party deputy chairman James Cleverly MP.

A spokesman for the Scottish Conservatives said: “The SNP in North Lanarkshire is trying to bully a young woman out of a job – for that they and their party HQ in Edinburgh should be utterly ashamed.”

The Tories supported Labour in forming the administration at North Lanarkshire after last year’s council elections.

An SNP source said Monday’s vote could be “really difficult” for Labour, stating: “If they don’t vote for the motion, they’re essentially backing someone with links to a racist party representing the people of this area.

“It’s disappointing that it’s the SNP yet again having to take the lead on this issue when they are the administration. Labour are so scared of opposing their Tory allies on the council that they haven’t challenged them on this issue.”