The National:

IT really is damning when you reflect on what the most surprising part of Ross Thomson's bizarre Brexit rant today was.

Archaic Westminster voting procedures had left just 15 minutes to debate the risk to devolution posed by the UK's EU Withdrawal Bill.

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Even that was clearly too much for the Tories though. As David Lidington tried to defend the blatant power grab on Holyrood, Thomson felt obliged to waste more time.

The Scottish Tory said: "When President Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un can show that an agreement can be reached, is it not telling that the only person that cannot reach an agreement is Nicola Sturgeon, because all [the SNP] care about is grievance and independence?"

"I think my honourable friend puts his finger on the truth here," Lidington replied.

Thomson failing to stand up for Holyrood isn't surprising – which Tory politician has?

Thomson trying to turn the debate into one on independence isn't surprising – we know the Tories are obsessed with it, despite criticising everyone else for just that.

Thomson implying Donald Trump is less than competent, however, that IS surprising – given his past affinity for the US president.

That wasn't all he's been up to today though.

Earlier, he tweeted: "Tonight Labour & SNP are drawing out divisions to prevent us debating devolution. Labour are completely & chaotically divided over it and the SNP don’t want the debate as they only care about independence so seek to create grievance. Labour again being useful idiots for the SNP."

Thomson said this despite the SNP repeatedly criticising the shambolic Westminster voting procedures that wasted so much time.

Still, it's good to see that he values democracy so much these days. It wasn't long ago that he was letting out his "inner dictator" in Iraq.