A SCOTTISH UFO researcher’s video of a mysterious triangle on the surface of the moon has gone viral on the internet.

Uploaded to his Streetcap1 channel on YouTube, George Graham’s video had attracted well over 12,000 views by last night, just a few hours after it was first shown.

It had also elicited a bizarre theory that the object could be the TR-3B anti-gravity craft which conspiracy theorists say is the ‘Space Force’ threatened by president Donald Trump.

YouTube user Dane Masie commented: “The Space Force is alive and well.”

Just 24 hours previously, Graham, who has made claims of alien inhabitation of the moon in the past, uploaded pictures of what he called “lunar anomalies” which some viewers interpreted as alien craft.

Graham himself makes no such claims in the latest video which clearly shows a triangular object without any other identifying features.

The footage comes from a lunar probe and was shot from 65 miles above the moon.

Intriguingly, all three sides are sharp and straight and have no indentations, which they would have were it a rock subject to normal lunar erosion.

Graham says in the video: “I don’t know what the odds are of spotting a triangle on the lunar surface but this is definitely triangular in shape.

“What it is, I don’t know. It’s from the same photograph I used last night to upload the lunar anomalies and the alien sign, or whatever I called it.

“It is a bit strange, isn’t it? It could be a craft. I believe it has landed next to a habitat.”.

Celeste Nova, another YouTube viewer, commented: “It does look like a craft of some kind and appears to be lit up at its cockpit with more lights on top, whatever it is, it certainly does not look natural! What a find.”

Another viewer commented: “Brilliant find once again and that sure is something extraordinary, with such defined lines and with the picture being taken from 60 or more miles up, the object has to be really quite large.”