A TERRIFYING hound with a murderous bark is the first Scottish folklore legend to inspire a single cask whisky bottling from whisky specialists Cask 88.

The fearsome, dark green Cu-Sith, which was said to stalk the Highlands preying on weary travellers, represents a venerable 45-year-old Ben Nevis single malt – the first in a series of six. According to legend, anyone unlucky enough to hear the beast bark three times would be transported to the underworld. In the Hebrides the Cu-Sith was a large black “fairy dog” who silently roamed the land on winter nights.

Only 228 bottles are available and the price – £650 each – is almost as terrifying as the mythological beast.

Jonny Fowle of Cask 88, said “The bold spirit of the Ben Nevis, which has matured for four and a half decades in the Highlands, is matched only by the equally indomitable spirit of the legendary Cu-Sith. Both have drawn upon the region to develop in character.”