I WELCOME the publication of the Sustainable Growth Commission’s report. It provides a very useful analysis of the current position of Scotland’s economy, and how it relates to the rest of the UK, Europe, and beyond. Whilst I do not agree with some of the assumptions made on which the analysis and recommendations sit, and with it perhaps not being as bold as it could have been, there is some valuable insight on what is needed in our country.

One thing is clear: the status quo is not an option.

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I am very pleased to see a focus on the need for, and strengths to be gained from, a more open immigration policy. Scotland has a history of looking out to the world, and our future must develop this further, valuing migration and immigrants for more than just their economic worth. Similarly, the clear message that inequality is a drag on our economy is something that must be transformed into action, and quickly.

The proposed Commission Gender Pay Equality is an important step in the right direction, and I hope it could set out an agenda that would benefit all other forms of inequality. The repeated mentions of the need for increased participation and cross-partisan working will, I hope, lead to a real change in how we do politics.

But there are several areas that clearly need further exploration and development. I had hoped to see the economy not positioned as the driver for society, but rather a servant to society.

That would enable bolder thinking around strengthening economic democracy: we should strengthen local economies by giving more power to communities to buy and run facilities and assets, and workers to buy and run their businesses.

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We desperately need a Just Transition away from the fossilising oil and gas industry and the current military-industrial complex. Greens have been working on this: to replace jobs in fossil fuels and the arms industry with jobs in sustainable sectors. And we need to ensure Scotland is at the forefront of meeting great challenges like climate change, the ageing population, how best to harness automation and data science for human wellbeing, and build a clean, zero-carbon energy system with renewables and reliable storage capacity.

I very much look forward to working, on a cross-party basis, in a co-operative and participatory way, with the Scottish Government, political parties, civil society and communities across Scotland to continue to develop the ideas and policies that can create a better Scotland in a better world.