SOME of the Basque Country’s most enduring films are coming to Edinburgh and Glasgow from tomorrow for a five-day festival.

Kimuak: Films from Basque Country is being organised by Edinburgh-based collective Cinemaattic, and will run from May 24-26 in Edinburgh and May 30-31 in Glasgow.

The driving force for the films is the public agency Kimuak (sprout in Basque), formed when the Basque government incorporated the medium into their cultural agenda. A collaboration between Cinemaattic, Kimuak and the Basque Film Archive has kept Scotland and the Basque Country connected since 2011.

To mark Kimuak’s 20th anniversary, some of the most prominent Basque filmmakers will visit Scotland for the festival, including director of Amama (2015) Asier Altuna and animator Isabel Herguera.

Cinemaattic’s artistic co-ordinator Alberto Valverde said: “We think the Basque case could be extremely useful for Scottish filmmakers and Scotland’s film organisations.”

The programme can be seen at: