THE SNP's Westminster leader has said Scotland Secretary David Mundell must resign over his failure to stand up for the Scottish Parliament.

Speaking on the BBC's Westminster Hour last night, Ian Blackford said Mundell must consider his position, with the Tory MP "going into hiding" rather than challenging UK policies that harm Scotland.

After the Scottish Parliament refused to give consent to the UK's EU Withdrawal Bill, and despite only the Tories being in support of it, Mundell said the UK Government would continue to push through the legislation.

Blackford argued that the UK Government must take steps to fix the bill or put devolution itself at risk.

The SNP MP said: “David Mundell has failed to protect the Scottish Parliament – he must go.

"Mundell's inability to protect the devolution settlement shows he can't be trusted when it comes to getting the best deal for Scotland when the UK leaves the EU.

“The Scottish Secretary is supposed to be Scotland’s man in London but whenever the UK Government takes a major decision, he’s not invited to the table – and whenever the UK Government makes a decision that goes against Scotland’s interests, he goes into hiding rather than doing his job of challenging it.

“As the Scottish Tories are increasingly sidelined, they are letting us all down by failing to lift a finger to protect our national interests. Once again it falls to the SNP to stand up for Scotland."

The SNP also acccused Mundell of making promises he could not keep over Brexit.

Mundell has said he wants to ensure the Scottish Parliament has more powers and responsibilities post-Brexit, and that “any frameworks should not be imposed".

However, the SNP said he has not taken part in the UK Government's Brexit talks, and that his party has not amended its EU Withdrawal Bill to prevent a power grab on Holyrood.