The National:

THE internet, specifically social media sites, can be a grim place at times. Senseless bickering, virtue signalling and an over-reliance of gifs can all dampen the spirits somewhat.

But then there are other occasions when the internet gets it just right.

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While scouring the newsdesk inbox for potential stories, The Jouker came across a belter from Paul Chris Fitzgerald, who informed us that he had started a meme that involves the Facebook check-in function.

The National:

Usually used to allow your virtual friends and family know that you are safe following a terrorist attack or natural disatster, the function was instead used by those avoiding all coverage of the royal wedding to tell others that they were "safe from being brainwashed by the royal wedding".

"Now it has gone viral with thousands posting their own. Its everywhere on Facebook!" said Paul.

The National:

Paul, The Jouker applauds you.