The National:

ONE Gaelic speaker on Twitter had the perfect response to an online troll.

Edinburgh City Council's official twitter account angered one man when it dared to share a message in Gaelic.

User @m47k1 no doubt thought they were sharing the wittiest of quips when they responded asking "Could one of the 1% of Scotland's Gaelic speakers translate this nonsense".

Leaning back in their chair, applauding themselves on this, the funniest and most original joke ever, they were soon blindsided by the reponse by Caoimhín Donnaíle.

In case you can't see it, that's @m47k1's original tweet translated into Gaelic and shared back at them.

As someone who seems to be angry about the use of another language, maybe they can learn to be a little more specific with their own next time.