AH’M shair lik masel maist o the readers oot there wull hae growne up watchin the BBC. Nae dout we’ll aa hae fand memories o the programmes we aa watched as weans; Blue Peter, Top o the Pops, Morecambe an Wise, etc, et c… An aye we believed an wir led tae believe that oor BBC wis the maist honest an trustworthy news service in the warld. Hou times hae chainged!

Aince upon a time, unner the Scots director general Lord Reith, there mibbes wis a BBC that wis a beacon o truth that lowed an raxed roond wir planet an presaintit a balanced an fair view o the warld’s ongauns. That time appears tae be lang gane!

Whaur an when did the rot set in!? Aiblins unner Tory governments. The Miner’s Strike o 1984/85 kythed events whaur the truth, alang wi the miners, wis battert tae the grund at the “Battle o Orgreave”! Closer an closer links bi successive British governments an a weird willingness tae ally theirsels wi the USA sees the UK chyngin intil the 51st State o that fadin empire. Britain; a wee yappy dug that glaums at ony scraps that micht be thrown tae it frae the table o this “special relationship”. Aye, richt!

Seeven year oan frae that arch euro-wrecker David Cameron’s firgettable an woefu governance, corporation news an politics programmes nou reek o political interference an bias. Question Time, a programme ah aince quite liked, especially whan George Galloway wis haudin Tory MPs’ feet tae the fire, is nou a sheddae o whit it wis.

The ither week, when ah briefly tuned in tae mind masel hou bad it is, they hud a richt shooer o chauncers abuird. The anely yin that spake a bit sense wis the token “meeja” personality, this time the London based rapper Akala. He at least hud the kahunas tae heize up some “inconvenient truths” that hud the politicos duckin fir cuiver – an managed tae bring a blush or twa tae some bress necks.

The rest o that nicht’s motley crew wir richt wingers tae a man – or wumman! The “businessman” Alejandro Agag, former MEP fir the Francoist Spanish Popular Pairty, which as ye’ll ken is tryin tae extradite the Catalan independence supporter Clara Ponsati frae Scotland an bang her up fir 33 year!

We hud Esther McVey – Tory – champion o the rape clause, wha supports evri kind o privatisation that’s gaun, an votes agin the regulation o gamblin machines. A nesty bit o wark!

Chloe Westely – anither Tory – frae the fascistic Taxpayers Alliance, wha are rabid supporters o veecious benefit cuts fir the puirest in oor society. Ye can check her credentials oot oan Twitter #LowTaxChloe!!! Lovely! Tae the richt o that trio – an Attila the Hun – we hud Chuka Umunna, wha nae dout, Brutus like, is bidin in the wings tae dae fir Jeremy Corbyn whit the noble Brutus duin fir Caesar!

It’s a gey sair watch seein somethin that aince hud a guid balanced view o things bein reduced tae a bourach o the boors! An can onybody tell me why Ukip, wha hae not a single MP, aye get sic a regular prominent platform oan Question Time?

Meanwhile, in ither airts linkt tae the corporation we hae Downing Street giein poseetions tae richt-leanin commentators, the likes o Craig Oliver an Andy “Jailbird” Coulson. Private sector pro-government pals; David Clementi, Rona Fairhead, Robbie Gibb, James Harding – aa gien cushy numbers at licence peyer expense.

There’s Alison Fuller Pedley, o Mentorn Media, wha chuse the QT audience! (hae ye e’er tried tae get oan it!? Ye’ll ken whit ah mean!). Or Sarah Sands – ex-Mail, Telegraph, Evening Standard; she edits the Today programme! Are ye beginning tae see a pattern here!? An aince ye hae control ower the means o communication, an hae the pouer tae decide whit the public can see – an whit they cannae see – then we’re a lang wey doun a verra dangerous road fir democracy an hunners o years o haurd won freedoms! The ghaist o George Orwell maun be wryly noddin his heid!

Hou dis the BBC get awa wi this nae-sae-subtle richt-wing agenda that is pumpin this guff oot tae us week in – week oot? It is verra faur remuived frae the values, beliefs an concerns that maist o the ordinary viewin public hae. Likesay, wee richt wing groups, wi a hauntle o memmers (Policy Exchange, Reform, thon vile Henry Jackson Society, or the Centre for Policy Studies) aa get a public platform that is way ayont onything they merit. Whiles the muckle Stop the War coalition – wha can pit hunners o thousans o fowk oan the streets in their anti-war marches – kythe nary a mention oan national media or TV.

An the biggest publicly an democratically group tae be left oot an haurdly e’er seen oan BBC political programmes, schedules an current affairs? Why, thon o coorse wid be the UK’s third biggest poltical pairty, the SNP!

Whit’s tae be duin fowks!? Mibbes we shuid jist switch the BBC aff. Thair plenty o ither channels tae watch – an some news channels that e’en tell ye real news! Ye cuid save yersel a few quid oan a licence fee that’s peyin a wheen o uiseless fowk north o £100k – an in some cases north o £1m a year – some fir readin news that’s “economic wi the truth”. Ye’d jist be votin wi yer feet, lik thoosans o ither Scots wha’ve finally goat scunnert wi this BBC bourach!