SCOTTISH LibDem Jamie Stone has revealed he was the victim of identity theft at the hands of a suspected drug dealer in Manchester.

The MP, who represents Caithness, Sutherland and Easter Ross, told the House of Commons that he had been contacted by police about a car crash in Salford.

He was warned that he faced a fine of £1000 and six points on his driving licence, but Greater Manchester Police later informed Stone that it was likely a drug dealer had stolen his identity.

MPs responded to the news with cries of "free the Caithness one", and Speaker John Bercow said that although Stone had written to him about the incident, he had "no reason whatsoever to apologise".

The LibDem had been in parliament on the day in question, April 18.

And while the suspect may have stolen his name, they decided against listing their profession as being a politician.

Stone said: "The Greater Manchester Police have been most helpful, they tell me it is likely a drug dealer in Manchester stole my identity.

"He has put down my occupation, you will be interested to know, as cobbler."

Junior Minister Oliver Dowden said "orator and statesman" would have been more accurate, and that the governnment would continue work to "deter and disrupt" criminals.