The National:

You would think that the Scottish Parliament rejecting Westminster's attempted power grab yesterday would be big news. You could even be forgiven for thinking that it is INCREDIBLY big news.

It was a landmark moment that saw all pro-devolution parties coming together to recognise the threat to our parliament's powers, leaving the Tories isolated.

The impact of that decision could define Scotland's relationship with the union for years to come.

However, that hasn't stopped The Times from going hard on...why you should switch your phone off at 10pm.

The National:

Also making an appearance is an offhand reference to the royals as Anna Murphy meets Meghan Markle's ... favourite dress designer.

Another paper which seems unaware of the biggest recent event in Scottish politics is the Scottish Daily Express.

The National:

They've decided to lead on a story about Meghan Markle's dad doing a photo shoot then feeling sad about it - and then feeling better about it.

Family drama.

A recent YouGov poll showed that a whopping 75 per cent of Scots did not care about the Royal Wedding, but you won't see that on the front cover of the Express any time soon...

Still, they haven't mentioned Princess Diana today so that's something.

Now, let's see if the Scottish Sun has done any better.

The National:

Never mind.

What about the Daily Star?The National:

Same nonsense, though I will say that the pun game is strong here.

Perhaps the most irritating thing about this front page, however, is that they seem to have gotten "Ant and Dec" the wrong-way round.

Seriously, who says it like that?

The Daily Record, perhaps starting to feel a bit bad about The Vow, has covered yesterday's vote on the front cover, albeit in a wee column to the side.

The National:

Thankfully they have recognised that the brewing constitutional crisis is on the hands of the Conservatives, which is substantially better than...

...this unholy mess from the Scottish Daily Mail.

The National:

Michael Blackley has ran with the idea that by opposing the Tory attempt at taking power back from the Scottish parliament, Labour and the LibDems are helping to bring about independence.

I would argue that trampling over the devolution settlement would do that more efficiently, but that doesn't really fit into the Mail's worldview.

So, who got their coverage of yesterday's vote right?

The National:

The i have led with the rejection of the Brexit Bill, noting that it has been regarded as a "power grab".

The National:

The Herald too leads with the vote, noting that "Sturgeon unites" the Holyrood parties to oppose the UK plans to "overrule Scots".

The Scotsman also leads with it, as well as the tragic story of a young baby killed by tear gas in Gaza.

The National:

And finally, our very own front cover.

The National:

You can read our coverage of the vote here.