IF Scotland is to take its rightful role in the world as a nation state, we are going to need the friendship and cooperation of European countries.

Yet how many Europeans know just how strong the revived Yes DIY movement actually is?

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In one corner of the Netherlands at least, they now do. Last year, the first international march and rally for Scottish independence took place in The Hague. The National reported on it at the time.

Organiser Raimond Dijkstra and Netherlands for Scottish Independence decided to do it all again at the weekend and were rewarded with amazing sights such as Saltire and Catalan flags flying high above a small but happy crowd.

Dijkstra told The National: “We had a great rally, and although numbers weren’t high, we got the message across. About 60 to 80 people from Scotland, Germany, Catalonia, England, Australia and the Netherlands, took part in the march and a further 150 to 200 attended, spread throughout the day of the rally.

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“The public stopped and listened to what we had to say and people were truly interested. We succeeded in making people more aware and that is the most important thing. And we will not stop doing that. We intend to keep showing that Europe will never give up on Scotland.”

Thanks for that, Raimond, and here at home Yes groups are thinking of more ways of raising awareness of the fact that there are tens of thousands of people in Scotland anticipating a second referendum on independence, only this time with a different result.

We’re happy to give advance notice that Edinburgh Yes Hub will hold a rally for independence on Saturday, June 16, at Inch Park. There will be speakers, music, stalls and fun for the kids from 1pm.

The Edinburgh Yes Hub in Edinburgh South is a community hub in the spirit of the Yes movement started during the run-up to the referendum of 2014. It is a non-partisan group of volunteers who say they seek real progressive politics through dialogue shaped by political and social awareness.

Manager Mike Blackshaw and his team of volunteers keep the hub going but Blackshaw said: “We wish to have a conversation with supporters. The hub is just keeping its head above water and we wish to move on. We have a crowdfunder on the go to finish our media centre and enlarge the front room [any joiners out there looking for a homer?].

“We are continuing with our speakers, we have organisations such as Indycanedinburgh, the Stennis Historical Group, Inch Yes Group, Gracemount Yes Group and Justice Scotland all working out of the hub. We also have a great book selection and loads of Yes products.”