JEREMY Corbyn has backed the SNP argument that the UK’s main Brexit legislation is a “power grab” which would undermine devolution.

His views, while likely to be welcomed by the SNP and Greens, were seized upon by Plaid Cymru, which has been critical of the Welsh Labour government which has agreed to back the EU Withdrawal Bill and its controversial section dealing with the transfer of devolved powers.

The Labour leader gave his opinion during a visit to Govan yesterday, saying he was “very happy” Scottish Labour will vote against Holyrood granting consent for the Bill next week.

He said: “I’m very happy that the Scottish Labour Party will be voting against the legislative consent proposal next week because, quite clearly, there is a power grab going on by Whitehall on the EU withdrawal.What they are doing is taking powers from Brussels that then ought to go to Scotland, Wales and English regions and instead hoarding them in Whitehall. That is unacceptable to us and we have made that very clear.”

The Welsh and Scottish governments had teamed up to oppose the bill, saying it harmed devolution, but the Labour-led Welsh administration struck a deal with UK ministers last month.

Scottish ministers oppose the bill, saying unless clause 11 is removed, Holyrood’s powers could be restricted for seven years.

Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood said: “The Labour Welsh Government is now in the ludicrous position of being the only branch of their own party supporting the Bill.

“In the only place where Labour is in government and can stop this power grab, they have chosen to endorse it...Wales will not benefit from this deal. People in Wales voted for devolution and now Labour in Wales is working with the Tories to undermine it.

“It is embarrassing and absurd in equal measure that Labour in Wales still refuses to recognise the damage the Withdrawal Bill will do to our nation.”