NIGEL Farage “could join” the Democratic Unionist Party amid speculation he is considering another bid to be elected as an MP.

Talk of the former Ukip leader joining the Brexit supporting party, which props up the Conservative government, emerged ahead a speaking engagement at a DUP fundraiser in Northern Ireland last night.

Arron Banks, the millionaire who bankrolled Ukip under Farage’s leadership and co-founded the Leave.EU campaign, did not deny the pair are planning to join the DUP during an interview on Sky News yesterday.

He said: “That’s something you’ll have to ask Nigel. We’re attending a DUP fundraiser this evening and I’m not really able to comment on that.

“But I’m sure Nigel will have comments at the dinner. But I think he’s mainly focused on the Brexit border issues, and I’m sure he’s going to make his feelings known.”

Asked if it could be a backdoor into Parliament for the seven-time failed candidate, Banks said: “All things are possible in politics.

“We’ve seen Trump, we’ve seen all manner of things. I would discount nothing, I would include nothing.”

Enoch Powell secured a return to Westminster by joining the rival Unionist party to the DUP, the Ulster Unionists, after quitting the Conservative Party following his Rivers of Blood speech.

He was elected MP for South Down in 1975 and held the seat for 13 years.

Nigel Farage tweeted: “Happy to be on my way to Northern Ireland having worked with the DUP in the referendum. I was elected as a Ukip MEP. I lead the EFDD group in Europarl and none of that is going to change!”

Farage is speaking at the Tullyglass House Hotel in Ballymena on the theme Brexit and Beyond.

A DUP spokesman said: “Nigel Farage will be the guest speaker at a local DUP event in County Antrim.

“Mr Farage has already indicated this trip is not about joining the DUP.”