Eurovision Song Contest 2018, BBC4, 8pm

ALTHOUGH the UK may not have had the strongest showing in the Eurovision Song Contest over the past few years, at least as one of the so-called Big Five, we get an automatic place in the final. Most of Europe must battle it out in the semi-finals to secure their slot – and here Scott Mills and Rylan Clark-Neal bring us coverage of the first competition. Nineteen acts will take to the stage, and UK entry SuRie will be there to chat to Scott and Rylan, and maybe check out the competition. The second semi-final can be seen on Thursday.

The Secret Life of 5 Year Olds, C4, 8pm

PART one of two. How children learn the difference between right and wrong. Consultant clinical psychologist Dr Elizabeth Kilbey and educational neuroscientist Professor Paul Howard-Jones watch the drama unfold and offer expert insight. In this episode, a new class have to decide whether it’s ever okay to cheat and what to do when one of the group makes a confession. When the dressing-up box comes out, it’s not long before Donald Trump makes an appearance, but what do the children think of him?

Secret Agent Selection: WW2, BBC2, 9pm

MOST of us too young to have experienced the Second World War first hand like to think had we been there, we would have risen to the challenge. However, this series has made a lot of viewers realise while they could have kept calm and carried on, they might not have had what it takes to be a member of the covert military organisation the Special Operations Executive. The remaining volunteers face their final task as they are given a 24-hour practice mission which will draw on all the skills they should have picked up in training.

The Split, BBC1, 9pm

AS divorce lawyers, Hannah and Nathan probably should know more than most about the problems of mixing business with private life. However, that doesn’t stop them working together this week as Hannah takes on a highly charged divorce case that involves frozen embryos – and brings her husband in to advise on laws surrounding fertility issues. He ends up clashing with Christie, and Hannah is caught in the middle.