JEREMY Corbyn secretly backs Scottish independence, according to SNP MP Mhairi Black.

In an interview with Huffpost UK, Black revealed that Corbyn had admitted supporting independence in a private conversation with the Paisley MP.

She went on to say that she felt "let down" by him.

The SNP MP was unwilling to say much more on the subject, other than that she knew after speaking with him that "he did not accept the Labour Party policy of keeping Scotland within the Union."

She concluded “I’m raging at Jeremy.”

“He has totally sold his soul, especially in terms of Scotland.”

Black went on to criticise Corbyn over his pledge to keep Trident and failing to commit to undoing Theresa May's austerity measures.

In the Huffpost UK interview, Black stated: “He is hypocritical about what arguments he applies where and when.

“It really annoys me when people get credit when the reality is different.

“I was excited by Jeremy Corbyn for the same reason as all the Labour membership were, but since he has got into that position of power, what’s he done?

“He has had unelected lords in his cabinet. He’s had scandal upon scandal, and don’t get me wrong, I get that there is a whole lot of backbenchers against Jeremy, but he has sold his soul.

“He has sold out in terms of austerity. He has sold out in terms of Scottish independence – because I know that he doesn’t believe the things he says about independence now.”

Labour rejected the claim, branding it as "complete nonsense".