SCARLETT Cohen French creates bold jewellery pieces which empower the wearer.

French says her unique designs are based on research into visual aspects of scientific chaos. She is fascinated with the eerie beauty and mystery of fractal geometry – and wanted to experiment and find way to formulate her own “visual chaos”.

She did this through experimenting with visual feedback loops. “A feedback loop is iteration that takes place when a video camera is pointed at its own monitor,” she told us.

“When the camera is nudged and manipulated the screen quickly overloads into a form of chaos, revealing itself as beautiful, infinite structures of undulating pattern and form.”

Born and raised in north London, French has made her home in Glasgow for the last 10 years, studying Jewellery Design and Silversmithing at Glasgow School of Art before setting up her own studio in the Merchant City.

Photography and experimental film also play a key role in the aesthetics of French’s jewellery.

Spontaneous colour, steady movement and growth of pattern and form are key to the design process.

French incorporates different textures and metals into her collections. She often uses enamel in her jewellery – predominantly vitreous enamel (powdered) and industrial enamel (liquid).

“Its important to me to try to challenge the conventional view of enamel, I use an array of different techniques to ensure my enamel is matte, expressive and tactile,” she says. “I would describe my work as traditional styles and details juxtaposed with contemporary enameled focal points.”

French’s latest collection combines 3D printing, sterling silver, touches of enamel and 18 karat gold to produce bold and unique pieces of jewellery, designed to empower the wearer.

French’s 2018 exhibition line up includes appearances at DAZZLE at the OXO Tower Wharf and Elements at Lyon and Turnbull, Edinburgh – but she’s not stopping there.

“I’m looking to take my jewellery to international shows,” she says. “I’d like to exhibit in New York and LA and hope to be represented by galleries all over the world. One step at a time!”