SCOTTISH Labour would be guilty of "extraordinary hypocrisy" if they fail to stand with the Scottish Government over the Tory Brexit power grab, the SNP have said.

The EU Withdrawal Bill amendment was rejected by First Minister Nicola Sturgeon's government, as it insisted on holding on to certain devolved powers returning from Brussels for up to seven years.

Former Labour First Minister Henry McLeish has told the party it should support Sturgeon's stance, in order to protect the devolution settlement.

SNP MSP Tom Arthur said: “Labour constantly demand the Scottish Government fix problems in reserved areas – even when Labour themselves have blocked these powers coming to Holyrood.

“That hypocrisy is bad enough – but Labour will be guilty of double hypocrisy if they now back the Tories’ power grab bid.

“The issue of procurement policy is a case in point.

“The SNP has taken great steps to ensure that public contracts support small businesses and create wider community benefits – but we’ve had to work within European procurement law.

“Just last month Labour led a Holyrood debate demanding that we go further. But to do so we need the powers where they belong – in the Scottish Parliament, not in the hands of Tory Ministers.

“If Labour refuse, yet again, to stand up for devolution then it will expose the extraordinary hypocrisy at the heart of Richard Leonard’s leadership.”