AN innovative exhibition designed to find new homes for contemporary Scottish artworks currently languishing in storage has been launched.

The Sculpture Showroom adoption scheme is being piloted by Sculpture Placement Group as part of the Glasgow International 2018 festival.

It is hoped that a new home will be found for works by artists such as Nick Evans, Felix Welch, Beagles & Ramsay, Mary Redmond, Andrew Lacon, Rachel Lowther and Littlewhitehead.

One of the exhibition’s curators Kate V Robertson, pictured with an installation made from recent works by the artist Laura Aldridge, said she hoped to help bring some “sculptural joy” to peoples’ daily lives.

The Sculpture Placement Group believes that when it comes to purchasing art, all too often it is geared towards novelty and people fail to realise that works hold their artistic value after being on display.