Homeless charity Shelter Scotland is celebrating its 50th anniversary by displaying artwork from Glasgow School of Art students.

The third year communication design students Claire McNally and Andrew Johnston’s design takes the shape of a noticeboard which displays household bills, receipts, arrears letters and summary warrants and depicts the stark reality of many people’s struggle to keep a roof over their heads. It also asks the question “Heading home?” and then points out the fact that 3426 families in Scotland are not.

Claire McNally (age 28 from Bromley)?and Andrew Johnston (age 26 from East Kilbride) said: “Our design is intended to overwhelm the viewer by layering a variety of real financial expenses as a way to represent a common reality that many face and how this struggle can contribute to homelessness.”

The design will be in the charity’s 37 shops. The GSA students are also running a photography project which will result in an exhibition later this year.