LETTERS in Friday’s National highlight distrust in the version of events in Syria as put across by the US and its allies, including of course its “special relationship” partner, the UK. I feel the same distrust. How can the Iraq WMD lies of 15 years ago be erased so readily?

Add to this similar serious distrust in the version of events regarding the nerve gas attack on the Skripals as put out by the Westminster Government, which is increased by the knowledge that Sergei Skripal kept two pet guinea pigs which died from thirst when the Skripal residence was sealed off. Not to mention the knowledge that guinea pigs are synonymous with scientific experimentation. A pet cat was also a casualty of sealing off the house and was put down because of its malnourishment.

Pointing the finger at Russia is at best a feeble, fatuous fobbing off, as Russian guilt in either instance defies common sense. The Syrian army with Russia’s support has already destroyed the jihadist terrorist opposition in Syria, and one can be pardoned for asking why the US and UK wouldn’t welcome this instead of conjuring up pretexts to attack the Syrian army.

Sergei Skripal was in prison in Russia and could have died there rather than being freed in a spy-swap arrangement with the UK. It is of course entirely up to anyone as to what to believe in any of this, but to put the planet at the precipice of nuclear conflict because of these events is unjustifiable. How can a nuclear war possibly produce any satisfactory solution in such circumstances?

We know from recent history that the US has experience in both nuclear and chemical weapons attacks, in Japan and Vietnam respectively, which obviously serve as no reason for any further military encounters, particularly between nuclear-capable big powers.

Common sense should come before military capability. Any day.

Ian Johnstone

THERESA May has claimed that the recent air strikes on Syria were “successful” but as we were never told what – exactly – the bombing was meant to achieve that is a ridiculous claim.

Apparently the strike will “hold Assad to account” for the chemical killing of 70 people. Er – well – ok. So has he stopped killing people? And why is it OK for hundreds of thousands to be killed with conventional weapons? Are the families of dead children killed by mortar and bullet and shrapnel fine with that?

The strikes would – we were told – “send a message” to Putin and Assad. And yet even a cursory glance at history tells us that “sending messages” of this kind never ever makes matters better.

Also, if Theresa May cares so much about the Syrians, how come Britain reneged on the promise to assist unaccompanied migrant children fleeing exactly this kind of horror?

None of this makes sense because there is no logic hidden in the cracks, there is no leadership and frankly, when you have a weak Prime Minister without even a parliamentary majority – whose judgment runs to appointing a corrupt, racist buffoon as Foreign Secretary and a squeaky stupid wimp to Secretary of Defence – no amount of dropping bombs into an already pulverised country is going to alter the real message, which is that fewer and fewer countries around the world are taking the UK seriously.

Amanda Baker

YET another British Prime Minister has taken the country into an illegal war – or is it just a conflict, or a targeted strike? Whatever the spin doctors call it, civilians – men, women and children – will have suffered and died from Theresa May’s decision to hang on to the coat tails of the deranged, outsized Oompa Loompa called Donald.

May claims she needed to take action to stop Assad from using chemical weapons in Syria, yet the weapons inspectors who will determine if such weapons were used don’t arrive in Syria until after May and co have bombed the country. Previous reports of chemical weapons use in Syria – after the briefest of investigations – started to point the finger not at Assad (who is winning his war against ISIS and its allies) but at the so-called “rebel groups” funded by the US.

The claims that this attack was to prevent a humanitarian crisis is unbelievable from a politician like May, who turned her back on refugees from Syria and other countries where the UK has either directly or indirectly attacked. Where is May’s compassion for the Palestinians, where is her compassion for the people of the Democratic Republic of Congo, where is her compassion for the people of Yemen? Her compassion does not extend any further than the latest murky arms deal.

In September 2014 the people of Scotland missed their chance to walk away from such an immoral government and country. We could have chosen a better way. Obviously, no-one knows what the future will bring, but we will know what we are walking away from. We would be breaking away from a country that cares more for arms deals than for people’s lives.

Cllr Kenny MacLaren

SURELY the bombing of chemical weapons installations in Syria will release clouds of noxious substances over the immediate environment and then into the upper atmosphere? This will contaminate the air for the Syrian people regardless of their political orientation, and will eventually drift across to Europe and beyond.

Sanctimonious claims to right the wrongs of chemical weapons abuse have unleashed a toxic force which can have incalculable consequences. Is this the final solution?

FF Barr

BRITISH bombs falling on Yemen from British planes. Those pilots are trained in Britain by the RAF and there are 250 British armed forces personnel serving in the Saudi militaries. We’re at war with Yemen, we’re just not telling anyone we are. Parts for these bombs are being manufactured in Raytheon Glenrothes, Scotland. Bombs that are maiming and killing children in Yemen!

Why is this allowed to go on? Are Yemeni children’s lives worth less than those in Syria? Why do we not decry Saudi atrocities yet scream blue murder when Russia tries to reinstate Assad? Do we want to turn Syria into another Libya? Is Libya better off now than it was under Gaddafi?

We have to stop this madness; going round the Middle East trying to bomb democracy into them is nothing more than an excuse for the UK and US arms trade and dodgy banking sectors to make money. I have never been more ashamed at having to label myself as British.

Mark Harper

IT is commendable that so many people demonstrated in Scotland calling for a democratic vote on whatever deal the British Government is able to cobble together with the EU over Brexit.

However, given that this government is willing to go to war without seeking the opinion of the Westminster Parliament, I wonder how much effect peacefully well-meaning demonstrations are likely to have?

Peter Craigie