Living with the Brainy Bunch, BBC 2, 8pm

DOES parental influence affect students’ academic ability? Experts certainly believe so and, in this radical experiment, struggling Year 11 pupils Hollie and Jack from Chessington Community College in south-west London move into the homes of two high-achieving counterparts. Hollie’s new housemate is Holly H, who has a clutch of As in her sights and wants to become a lawyer. Meanwhile, Jack is teamed with Tharush who has only just moved to the UK from Italy but is already excelling at school. Initially, Hollie and Jack struggle with the early bedtimes, tough homework schedules and curfews. But will this revolutionary change in family life bring about a upturn in their grades and ultimately lead them down a different path in life?

The Investigator: A British Crime Story, STV, 9pm

JOURNALIST and former detective Mark Williams-Thomas’s trail brings him to the murders of Anna Kenny, Agnes Cooney and Hilda McAuley – who were all abducted and killed in similar circumstances within four months of each other in Glasgow in 1977. This also brings him to a new prime suspect, convicted killer Angus Sinclair. He interviews Sinclair’s ex-wife Sarah, who helps unpick the suspect’s life and provides evidence. But he still has to place his suspect at all three of the crime scenes 41 years earlier.

War Above the Trenches, Yesterday, 8pm

WHEN many of us think of the First World War, we picture the trenches and soldiers mired in mud. But as this two-part documentary reminds us, there was also a battle for air superiority going on above the Western Front. Adapted from the book Bloody April by historian Peter Hart, and drawing on reconstructions, archive footage and the diaries of Royal Flying Corps veterans as well as the men on the ground, it explores what it was like to take part in those early dogfights, aerial reconnaissance flights and bombing missions.

Indian Summer School, Channel 4, 9pm

THE fish-out-of-water documentary series following five working-class British boys resitting their GCSE exams in India, draws to a close. After three months away, all the boys are understandably missing home.