THE deportation of a mother fighting to stay with her family in Scotland has been suspended, The National can reveal.

Volha Merry, known as Olya, had been given just seven days to quit the UK by the Home Office.

The Coatbridge woman, originally from Belarus, “burst into tears” on opening the official letter on Saturday as she faced the possibility of having to break up her family.

Olya married husband Derek, a Coatbridge local, after the pair met through work several years ago. They set up home in Ireland on Home Office advice before moving to Scotland to prepare for their birth of daughter Milana, now two.

However, immigration chiefs decided they had not met requirements and refused to allow her to stay any longer.

Derek said he was “terrified” of losing his wife and daughter, who he could not allow to be parted from her mother, and a move to Belarus would force Milana to give up her UK citizenship under local laws.

But today Olya’s case has been put on pause following action by the family’s MP Hugh Gaffney.

A spokesperson for the Labour MP said he has now contacted the Home Office on her behalf and immediate plans for her removal have been cancelled.

The spokesperson said: “Any and all sorts of deportation have been put on pause.”

The move means the family will now have a chance to work with their solicitors in a bid to secure long-term residence for Olya.

Following the news, Derek said: “It’s brilliant, I’m delighted.

“Hopefully when they review it again they’ll change their minds and grant her a residence card. That’s the big one.”

The supermarket worker, who previously accused the UK Government of ignoring the family, thanked supporters for helping raise the profile of their plight, adding: “It’s ridiculous the things you’ve got to do to get them to listen.”

The National has contacted the Home Office for comment.