Class of Mum and Dad, Channel 4, 8pm

CHANNEL 4 loves social experiements, and the latest promises to be a fascinating study of education across the generations. The idea is simple: a class of parents experience what it’s like for their kids as they go back to school. For a half term, these senior students will study the year six curriculum alongside their own children. On the first day of the experiment, pupils of Blackrod Primary School discover their parents are joining them, and for the grown ups it creates mixed emotions as they face old demons, such as the horrors of sports day and maths tests.

Gotham, E4, 9pm

THE first two seasons aired on Channel 5, the third went to Netflix and now the fourth season of Gotham is coming to E4. This Batman prequel charts the young James Gordon’s route from rookie detective to commissioner while also exploring the development of an even younger Bruce Wayne. In the first of a new run, Gordon worries the Scarecrow is back in Gotham following a string of robberies using his signature MO, while the Penguin’s “licensing” of crime runs into trouble.

Come Home, BBC 1, 9pm

AS all the loose ends are tied up in the series finale, Greg and Marie hurtle towards a divisive family court case. As the narrative jumps between the past and the present, flashbacks reveal more about their life together.

Cunk on Britain, BBC 2, 10pm

HOW much you like this series probably depends on how comfortable you are with watching experts trying to retain their composure while Philomena Cunk asks them the sort of questions a five-year-old child might offer. But obviously the format worked in Charlie Brooker’s Weekly Wipe, so little wonder Diane Morgan’s gloriously stupid alter ego has been given more screen time to play with. In the second episode, her odyssey takes her from King Henry the Eighth to Nelson.

Made in Yorkshire, Channel 5, 9pm

FORMER deputy prime minister John Prescott, one-time MP for Hull East, is travelling around Yorkshire to learn the region’s food secrets. He goes to a sausage factory and comes up with a new recipe for his own Hull banger.