CRIME writer and Raith Rovers sponsor Val McDermid is also the writer of Margaret Saves Scotland, her first play. Directed by Marilyn Imrie and featuring Tori Burgess, Simon Donaldson and Clare Waugh, it premiers in Glasgow before touring to Edinburgh and Aberdeen.

IT doesn’t matter what time the alarm goes off, I resent it. I’m not good with mornings. I weigh myself, shower, dress and head for my Aeropress. Then a process that requires a series of automatic actions and no thought. Grind beans, boil kettle, put filter paper in Aeropress, add coffee, place on mug, pour water and push the piston down.

I say “no thought”. More than once I have forgotten to put the coffee in and ended up with a mug of hot water.

Two cups of coffee while I check my email (“Cheap ankle holsters”, “new range of chocolate sex toys”, “special silver singles rates”... WHY???), my Twitter feed (Echo chamber? Aye, right...) and browse a few news sites.

I normally read a bit before I settle down to work, but I’m judging the Man Booker prize this year so I have a pile of required reading that is almost as tall as me. And still they come. So I’m currently reading for a couple of hours in the morning before I go upstairs to my desk.

I’ve never written a decent sentence before 11 in the morning, so that’s when I start. I generally write my books between January and April, but there are always other projects on the go to keep me busy for the rest of the year.

This year started with Message From The Skies, a major installation lighting up the streets of Edinburgh, based around a short story in 12 chapters that I created for the project. Then I storylined my ongoing BBC Radio 4 drama series featuring fabulous Julie Hesmondhalgh as DCI Alma Blair.

I also wrote my first theatre piece for 35 years, Margaret Saves Scotland, a one-act play with music as part of A Play, A Pie & A Pint for Oran Mor in Glasgow, transferring to the Traverse in Edinburgh and the Lemon Tree in Aberdeen. And as part of the centenary celebrations I wrote an essay for BBC Radio 3 about the role of crime and murder in the works of Muriel Spark.

I stop for a quick lunch around 2pm. Usually a big bowl of home-made soup. I love soup. Contrary to the views of some of the people in my life, soup is a meal. My current favourites are Cullen skink, and a roasted red pepper and cherry tomato soup that is almost indistinguishable from Heinz cream of tomato. With my soup, I’ll read some more. There are many interesting stains in our library.

At some point, blinking, I will actually leave the house. If it’s raining, I’ve got a treadmill in the cellar where I can go for a walk and listen to an audio book. If not, I take a walk. Streets, park, Botanics, Water of Leith, all with a book or a podcast in my ears. Or else I just mutter to myself and work out the next chapter.

Then back to the desk or the reading chair. I sing in a band, the Fun Lovin’ Crime Writers, so sometimes I’ll rehearse a couple of numbers to keep my voice limber.

Then the best part of the day. My partner and I both love to cook, so one of us will prep dinner then we’ll sit down together to talk and eat and laugh. Later, we might watch some TV, meet friends, imbibe some form of entertainment or culture. Or just curl up with yet another book ...

Yes, I do know how lucky I am!

Apr 9 to Apr 14, Oran Mor, Glasgow, 1pm (doors 12pm/12.30pm on Apr 9), £10 to £14. Tel: 08444 771 000.

Apr 17 to Apr 21, Traverse, Edinburgh, 1pm, Apr 20 7pm, £13.50. Tel: 0131 228 1404.

Apr 24 and 25, Lemon Tree, Aberdeen, 6pm, £11. Tel: 01224 642230.