IF anything sums up the growth of the Yes DIY movement it is the realisation by Yes groups across the country that Doing It Yourself really means doing it OURselves.

That’s why the Dundee and Angus independence group want to invite other Yes groups and individuals across the country to the National Grassroots Campaign Workshop which they will be hosting in The Old Mill, 23 Brown Street, Dundee DD1 5EF on Sunday June 3, from 10am to 4pm.

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Early booking is recommended for what the group calls “an opportunity to learn how to develop grassroots campaign skills”.

They emphasise that this will be a practical day, learning hands-on skills and getting grassroots campaigners to share their knowledge and best experience which people can then apply these skills to their own campaign. Group member Jane Phillips wrote to tell the Yes DIY hub: “The day is for sharing, so there won’t be any long speeches – it is a day for getting your sleeves rolled up and getting busy.

“We are delighted to welcome National columnist Lesley Riddoch, Pat Joyce, National cartoonist Greg Moodie, Maggie Chapman, Ian Black and Scott Tindal to lead our workshop sessions.

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“This is a national workshop and is designed for all regional and interest Yes groups to attend. Because of restrictions of space we ask that each Yes group send two representatives; this allows full engagement with the workshops and feedback to your own groups.

“If you have a campaign idea in mind for your own local area, this could be very useful in helping you get it off the ground.You’ll have a chance to ask the experts.

“The workshop will look at two important areas: Who we communicate with and how we communicate. We will be looking at how we get to know our communities and addressing their concerns.

Scott Tindal and Ian Black, from Yes Edinburgh North and Leith will discuss mapping our communities – researching and understanding them, while Maggie Chapman will continue on this theme, looking at ways to get to know our communities.

“In the afternoon, we will explore how we communicate with others: Lesley Riddoch and Pat Joyce will focus on verbal communication, media, video and public speaking and we will welcome Greg Moodie to discuss with us how we work creatively with the information we want to get over.

“Lunch and refreshments will be served, so you will have lots of time to chat with, and get to know, other Yes campaigners and activists.”

The venue is fully accessible with loop systems for those with a hearing impairment. Tickets can be obtained on Eventbrite.

It’s sure to be one not to miss.