SCOTTISH fashion brand Kennedy designs clothing inspired by 70s aesthetic glam rock.

The label was founded by Fiona Kennedy, who was born and raised just outside Glasgow in Barrhead.

She graduated from Glasgow Caledonian University in 2016 with a degree in international fashion business.

Post-graduation, she made it her goal to launch her own label, working in marketing and freelance fashion styling to support her dreams and turn them into a reality.

Of her decision to launch her own label, she says: “I started my own brand officially in 2017 on the back of graduation. I wanted to begin to build something sooner rather than later and to be able to work on my own vision rather than spend years working under someone else.”

Kennedy labels her brand as a 70s aesthetic glam rock style that puts women at the heart of every design.

Her pieces act as a nod to vintage design whilst adding a contemporary twist through a liberal use of sequins, faux fur and velvet.

Kennedy gets her inspiration from artists such as David Bowie, Mick Jagger, Debbie Harry and Joan Jett, who are key influencers for her designs.

The brand’s latest collection, entitled Blackhearts, was inspired by The Runaways.

As the label doesn’t work to the traditional trend calendar, the small range acted as a bridge between the winter collection of 2017 and the unpredictable weather in the lead-up to summer.

She explains: “The collection features mainly leathers and metallic silvers and has everything from culottes to halters and capes to bodysuits – it is very much a micro collection with six pieces. As a small brand I tend to stick to a more condensed selection.”

Within the first year of launching, Kennedy secured two suppliers – Asos Marketplace and SDX Fashion.

Kennedy has also built a close relationship with Izzy Bee Phillips from the band Black Honey. The rock star wore Kennedy designs whilst touring as a support act for Royal Blood.

Looking ahead, Kennedy says: “This year I am working on building the name of the brand and want to start attending more music festivals as a vendor.”