LABOUR is on a "negative trajectory" when it comes to minority langauages, claims a leading scholar.

Wilson Macleod, Professor of Gaelic at Edinburgh University, has accused Scottish Labour of having an "anti-Gaelic agenda" after a councillor tweeted a snarky message regarding the language on a new Scottish government logo.

Councillor Adam Wilson responded to a tweet from a Conservative councillor (who led the Vote Leave campaign in Scotland) that criticsed the new Social Security Scotland logo.

The National:

The unedited logo.

In his response, Wilson cut off the Gaelic section of the logo and claimed "this looks much better...".

In response, Professor Macleod claimed: “The anti-Gaelic agenda of some Labour party politicians and activists in Scotland appears to be becoming steadily more prominent.

“This is a very unfortunate and unwelcome development.”

Macleod continued: "The idea of the 2005 Act was that we were going to see Gaelic given a higher profile but now, Labour seem critical of a bilingual logo.

"This is a new thing - to see a symbolic rejection of Gaelic.

"I don't see this as trolling on Twitter which is different altogether - I see this as a structured disregard for Gaelic and I find that worrisome."

The tweet caused a firestorm of debate on social media, as many criticised the Labour councillor for his comments.

Wilson defended his attack on the logo, claiming: “My tweet was not naivety or immaturity.”