THE Home Office is “urgently investigating” a passport mix-up that saw personal documents sent to the wrong people in the south of Scotland.

The issue has affected at least six people who were waiting for new or returned passports and came to light when one woman took to social media in an attempt to track her passport.

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The Home Office said the security of documents it handles is of “paramount importance”.

Charmaine Firth said she is waiting for her passport before going on holiday.

Royal Mail said the package was delivered to the visible address on the envelope.

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Firth wrote on Facebook: “After what seems like a massive Data Protection Breach and right old cockup, a bunch of us in Dumfries and Galloway [I assume it’s only here] have been sent total strangers’ passports in error.

“So far I’m in a chain of about six people and am asking you all to share this post for me so that I can trace the person who’s received my passport in error.

“Hopefully I can get my renewed passport before my holiday.”

A spokesman for the Home Office said: “The security of our customers’ documents is of paramount importance and we are investigating this matter urgently.”