A CROWDFUND for Clara Ponsati's legal costs raised over £40,000 in just two hours.

The fund, which will be used to fight Spain's extradition bid on the Catalan official, smashed its original target so quickly that a stretch goal of £100k has been added. As of 12.42pm the fund is now over £126,000.

Writing on the site, Ponsati states: "The Spanish government issued a European Arrest Warrant to extradite me from Scotland and they will use all the resources at their disposal to fight this case.

"Judging the Spanish government by their past and present actions, if I return I believe I am likely to be subjected to degrading and inhumane treatment by the authorities."

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Ponsati is being represented by Aamer Anwar after a European arrest warrant was placed on her head for being involved in Catalonia's independence referendum.

Anwar tweeted a thank you after hearing news that the fund had reached its target so quickly.

He also stated that Clara was expected to be arrested within an hour of the news.

The Scottish Government is currently stepping up pressure on Spain to drop legal action against the former Catalan education minister.

You can read more about her bid, and donate, by clicking this link.