THE much anticipated YesM8 event will see at least 40 individual flag demonstrations at bridges along central Scotland’s main motorway next weekend.

Set for Saturday April 8, the event has no shortage of volunteers prepared to show flags and banners along the M8 in what the organisers are confident will be a very visual sign of the Yes movement’s strength.

Following on from the success of the pro-devolution Hands Off Our Parliament (HOOP) protest, the DIY YesM8 event is intended to show that support for independence extends right across the central belt.

Police Scotland have worked with the organisers to ensure the safety and legality of the activities of the participants and, as a result, a handful of bridges will not have a presence on safety grounds on police advice.

Fears of counter-demonstrations have been greatly exaggerated on social media, though the organisers are alive to the possibility. They have also ensured that all of the YesM8 presences will have a co=ordinator who will be responsible for seeing that all participants abide by the rules which have been posted on the event’s social media pages.

The National can reveal that following their welcome presence at HOOP, Yes Bikers are intending to join in the event by riding their bikes along the M8 – expect some engines to be revved up as they pass under the beflagged bridges.

One of the organisers, Iain McGlade, told The National: “We are just looking for a few more people to help co-ordinate the event, but we have plenty of volunteers and we are confident that we will be on at least 40 bridges.

“We have decided not to be on a handful of bridges purely on safety grounds, and at the moment we are trying to organise a social event afterwards.”

Following poor coverage of the HOOP protest by most of the media, the organisers of the two-hour event say their aim is not to gather media attention but simply to be visible above Scotland’s busiest road.

McGlade said: “It will be disappointing if there’s no coverage of what will be a very visible event. However, I’m a bit cynical about the media and getting their attention is not why we started organising YesM8, which was inspired by Bridges for Indy who have helped us greatly.

“We want to show people that Yes groups are active right along the M8 and that’s why we are pleased that we will be on so many bridges from 11am to 1pm next Saturday.”