THOUSANDS of people took part in a "Hands Off Our Parliament" (HOOP) protest outside Holyrood, in a show of solidarity for devolution and Scottish democracy.

While events were being run throughout the day, the key protest took place when those in attendance formed a human chain around the Holyrood building, warning Westminster against a power grab on Scotland.

The event was originally planned as a small-scale demonstration, but pro-devolution supporters flocked in massive numbers to make their point heard.

National columnist Paul Kavanagh, aka Wee Ginger Dug, was one of those taking part, and said as many as 3000 attended.

There was also a "Show of Shields" that took place, with 101 Saltire shields held up in formation.

A Speakers' Corner featured Keep Scotland the Brand founder Ruth Watson and as well as the Wee Ginger Dug.

The protesters were taking a stand as the UK attempts to take back powers in devolved areas from Scotland when they return from the EU after Brexit.

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A constitutional crisis seems likely as the Scottish Government refuse to back down to the UK Government's demands on the issue, with Holyrood passing an alternative Brexit Bill to safeguard devolution.

HOOP came as a huge show of support for the SNP's stance on the issue.

The demonstration was trending on social media as those at the event shared pictures, videos, and messages of support for the Scottish Parliament.

If you missed it, you can catch up via, and their YouTube channel.

Speaking ahead of the event, organiser Dave Llewellyn had said: "It seems to have caught the imagination of so many people.

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"We know of 80-year-olds going to their first ever political demonstration and the good thing is that people of different politics are going because they can all unite over the threat to our Parliament."