The National:

GREEN MSP Ross Greer has received a letter from the Department for Exiting the EU – and they managed to get the address wrong TWICE.

The MSP for the West of Scotland shared an image on Twitter of some correspondence from the Department for Exiting the EU.

First, the letter itself is addressed to the House of Commons. As anyone who has been following politics could tell you, this is not where Members of the Scottish Parliament sit, mostly on account of it ... not being the Scottish Parliament.

If that wasn't embarrasing enough, the envelope the letter came in, while at least addressed to the Scottish Parliament, includes an address that hasn't been used in 14 years! The Parliament originally used office space on George IV Bridge after reconvening before moving to its permanent building in 2004. The old building doesn't even exist any more.

So there it is. Not only does the department responsible for sorting out Brexit not know where Scotland's MSPs sit, their records of where our Parliament is placed are over a decade out of date.

Is it any wonder Scotland is feeling a little left out of the Brexit process?