STAUNCH Industries has its roots firmly placed in Scotland’s mountains, muddy hills and rugged coastline.

The brand was founded by Will Beeslaar, who was born and raised in Pretoria, South Africa.

In 2002, after graduating in graphic design, he moved across the globe to Edinburgh where he took on a new role with a large global marketing company. As soon as Scotland became Beeslaar’s home, he found himself smitten with the Scottish coast, which provided the perfect waves for surfing.

He says: “I found myself in a country that not only offered great surfing, but also world-class mountain biking, mountain climbing, snowboarding and diving right on my doorstep. Essentially Scotland could easily be described as the outdoor capital of the UK.”

Beeslaar spent the next 10 years in the design, marketing and advertising industries, however he had a desire to set himself some new goals.

Combining his entrepreneurial flare with his passion for surfing, he made it his mission to create an authentic, home-grown Scottish outdoors brand and Staunch Industries was born.

He explains: “Staunch is the perfect word to describe what we’re doing and sum up the wild commitment of Scottish surfing – watertight, a strong belief, a feeling to stand tall and be counted.”

The brand began with a limited run of hand-printed pieces, which Beeslaar sold from the back of his car to fellow surfers. The unique designs acted as a representation of the resilience required to surf the cold North Sea.

Since then, Staunch Industries has expanded to offer apparel, accessories and homeware as well as working to help establish a Scottish surf centre, with the brand working in partnership with the Scottish Surf Federation.

Beeslaar prides himself on creating designs inspired by aspirational images, crafted typography and the unpredictability of the ocean. He is a firm believer of exploring the real world to avoid becoming consumed by mainstream influences.

He and company director Janeanne Gilchrist also place an importance on local and ethical production where possible.

The duo have teamed up and build relationships with suppliers in the developing world. Recently, they have been working with Kenyan brand Sandstorm, which is owned by Scotsman Mark Stephenson, to produce a range of bags and prints.

Discussing plans for the future, Beeslaar says: “We are looking to find new innovative companies and collaborators to work with and to continue to produce authentic Scottish modern products.”