THE stage is set for the largest and most visible demonstration of the resurgence of the Yes DIY movement so far this year.

It will take place in Edinburgh on Friday when hundreds of protestors – some of them from the Yes movement, many of them not – form a human chain to tell the Westminster government that its power grab on Scotland’s devolved powers is simply not on.

Hands Off Our Parliament, or HOOP for short, will take place outside Holyrood from 10am until 5pm and will feature an attempt at noon to encircle the Scottish Parliament with a living chain of hands as a symbolic gesture of protection.

As of last night, some 650 people had indicated on the event’s Facebook page that they would attend the event, which should go a long way to making that chain possible.

It’s a whole day of events, however, with which the organisers hope that the people of Scotland can demonstrate to Prime Minister Theresa May and the Conservative government that the Scottish Parliament is not a plaything that they can ignore.

They emphasise that this demonstration is not party political and while Yes people have organised it, the innovative protest is open to all who are pro-devolution.

There will be speakers from 11am, before the chain is formed – if everyone attends who have indicated that they will, the chain will be made two or three deep if necessary.

After the chain, there will be a noisy protest with YesBikers – more than 100 of them at least – meeting up at Sheriffhall Park and riding to a forming up point on Arthur’s Seat at 1pm. They will then ride towards the Parliament where they will stop and dismount to face Holyrood and “give them our thunder” as YesBikers put it.

At 2pm there will be a Show of Shields to emphasise the protective nature of the protests and after more speakers and music, at 3.30pm a Car Convoy will pass around Holyrood. All day near the Parliament building there will be a Speakers Corner featuring Keep Scotland the Brand founder Ruth Watson among others which will also have musicians playing and will go on until 5pm.

National Columnist Paul Kavanagh will also be one of the speakers and he has already written a rallying cry for HOOP.

He wrote: “We demand that the Westminster government keeps its promises to us, and that we will protect and defend Scottish democracy. Everyone who values and respects Scottish democracy is welcome to attend on Friday, this is not specifically a pro-independence event. It is a pro-devolution event, a pro-Scottish democracy event.

“Let’s hold hands and show that we value our Parliament, and won’t give it up without a struggle.”