ACROSS Scotland many people in the Yes movement are feeling that it is time for more visible demonstrations of the way that Yes DIY is happening here and now.

There’s just a few days to go until the innovative Hands Off Our Parliament demonstration (HOOP) at Holyrood on Friday, March 23. It’s not a Yes demo, the organisers emphasise, more of a protest by people concerned that devolution itself is under threat

Following that will be the YesM8 bridges protest on Saturday, April 7 and last but certainly not least will be the All Under One Banner march for independence in Glasgow on Saturday, May 5.

We will look at the latter two events in greater detail as they get nearer but first we preview HOOP which will see hundreds of Yes supporters and pro-devolutionists – some of whom may not be for independence yet – attempt to form a human chain around the Scottish Parliament, linking hands to do so.

The human chain in defence of Parliament will be formed at 12 noon, but after that there will be Rolling Thunder convoy by YesBikers and friends who have stated: “We will be meeting up at Sheriffhall park and ride at 12.45 heading into town at 1pm to a forming up point on Arthur’s Seat.

“We will ride from this point down towards the Parliament to line the road from the roundabout at the park to past the Parliament, we will stop and dismount to face the Parliament to give them our thunder.”

At 2pm there will be a Show of Shields and at 3pm a Car Convoy while all day there will be a Speakers Corner featuring the National’s own Paul Kavanagh and Keep Scotland the Brand founder Ruth Watson among others.

The spur for the event is simple – the Power Grab by the UK Government which threatens to remove devolved powers from the Scottish Parliament, and they say it is a matter for all Scottish people of whatever party persuasion to join HOOP.

The organisers explain: “The Repeal Bill was recently railroaded through both Houses of Parliament in breach of the Scotland Act that founded the Scottish Parliament without devolution settlement and protection regarding Scotland.”

They add: “From March 2019, the Henry VIII clause will allow the Tory UK Government to override legislation that has been made without consent by Holyrood.

“The Scottish Parliament is on the Tories’ wish list and moves will be made to reduce or cease the democratic rights that the Scottish people have enjoyed since devolution. Let’s leave our party politics at home and gather at Holyrood in unity to show how much we value our democratic rights and to tell the Tories to get their hands off our Parliament.”