NICOLA Sturgeon has accused Labour of "echoing Nigel Farage" after Jeremy Corbyn used his keynote speech at the Scottish branch office conference to complain about immigration.

Corbyn had told delegates that whatever Brexit deal is struck must ensure companies can't "import cheap agency" immigrants "to undercut existing pay and conditions".

His comments drew criticism from across the political spectrum with even his own MEP Catherine Stihler saying that Labour should be "challenging anti-immigrant sentiment", not stoking it.

And Sturgeon was quick to hit out at the speech on Twitter.

"Labour spelling Keir Hardie’s name wrong was amusing," she wrote, referring to a message which had flashed up on the screen earlier in the day. "Hearing them echo Nigel Farage is profoundly depressing."

In his speech, Corbyn claimed: "We cannot be held back inside or outside the EU from taking the steps we need to develop and invest in cutting edge industries and local business to stop the tide of privatisation and outsourcing.

"Or from preventing employers being able to import cheap agency labour, to undercut existing pay and conditions in the name of free market orthodoxy."

Sounds like Jeremy is standing up for the many Ukip voters ...