LISTENING to Mhairi Black speaking so passionately and eloquently in the debate on Wednesday made me want to cry with frustration at the lack of progress over the last 30 years!

Women have made such huge strides in gaining equality since I joined the world of work and it’s disgusting that young women are still seen as fair game for such abuse. I’ve experienced my own share of it over the years although nothing on the scale Mhairi has been subjected to. I have to admit that on occasions it’s just been easier to let it go than to stand up and challenge the perpetrator!

However, I realise Mhairi is absolutely right that failing to call it out normalises it and this has made me determined to challenge any such behaviour very publicly and loudly in the future.
Debbie Ewen
West Lothian

VERY sorry to hear that Mhairi has been ill. It must be very frustrating for her to work in such a toxic atmosphere, and I hope that she will learn some strategies to protect herself and her health from the all the ill-effects of her work environment. Keep strong Mhairi, fab politician that you are, illegitimi non carborundum.
Ros Curwood