HOTEL chain Apex Hotels – which has branches in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Dundee –is running a new guest wellbeing campaign.

Wellbeing expert and dietitian , Celynn Morin, is working with the group to roll out its #WarmerWelcome.

#WarmerWelcome, which will be rolled out in the next few weeks, sees new in-room guide books detailing how to stay healthy.

The guide also features Celynn’s top tips on getting a good night’s sleep, including breathing exercises.

Each hotel will also create its own unique range of drinks and snacks as the #WarmerWelcome rolls out across the UK – all in line with Celynn’s expert guidance.

Angela Vickers of Apex Hotels said: “We’re delighted to be working with Celynn to ensure that our guests feel looked after on every level. She’s an expert in her field, so with her guidance, we’ll be able provide small touches, in our rooms and beyond, in response to customer feedback, which shows that personal health and wellbeing is very important to our guests.”