A TORY councillor in Aberdeen has vowed to get a baby box from the Scottish Government and then give it away to charity in protest.

Claire Imrie, who is expecting in August, said she would hand the £160 box over to a food bank in a protest against universal benefits.

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The SNP pointed out that the Tory could have just decided to not apply for the box and saved the taxpayer some cash.

Imire told the Press and Journal: “[The council administration] have budgeted to the best we can on a low budget, unlike the SNP with regards to unnecessary provisions that should be mean tested such as the baby box."

SNP councillor Michael Hutchison said: “I fundamentally disagree with the principle of means testing the baby box, but let’s consider how absurdly impractical means testing would be."

He asked what "sort of cut-off" the Tories were suggesting.

"Would we be taking baby boxes back from mothers-to-be if they get a payrise before they give birth? Or would it be phased, with a few less [items] if you earn more, up until you just get an empty box?

"Bringing a child into the world can have a huge financial impact on parents regardless of income, so it's right that every parent in Scotland has this available for them and their child."

A Scottish Government spokeswoman added: “Every baby born and living in Scotland is entitled to a Baby Box, but parents must opt in to the scheme by registering at an existing midwife appointment, or via their family nurse.

“The registration form must be signed by both the parent and the healthcare professional to validate the claim.”