MHAIRI Black has overtaken the Queen to reach second in a poll of the UK's most influential women ever – with SNP party leader Nicola Sturgeon in first.

The Sky News poll was originally intended to shut on Wednesday, but after it was turned into a "live" vote instead, users flocked to give Black the edge.

A total of 100 women featured on the list, with equality organisation Equality Now helping to compile it – but earlier today this was reduced to a top five, which also includes Princess Diana and Margaret Thatcher.

It comes a day after Black made a powerful speech in a debate, where she spoke out about the horrific and vile abuse received by female politicians.

WATCH: Mhairi Black gives powerful speech on the horrific misogynistic abuse she receives

While the First Minister is well in the lead with 45,300 votes, Mhairi Black sits with more than 24,000 now, with the Queen on only 23,700.

The UK's current Prime Minister, Theresa May, had been well behind, in 19th position, before the cut-off.